Bowman’s Illustrated Pulp Priceguide

I have been an avid collector and dealer in pulp magazines for over 50 years. From an early age, I was struck by the beauty, simplicity, and mystery of the magazine covers, and intrigued by the stories contained within.

Today many people inherit collections from parents and grandparents, or find the ocassional pulp magazine in the attic and wonder what it is worth. Or on discovering pulp magazines, yearn to see more of the same.

My motivation for placing this priceguide on line was to share my resources with the aforementioned people. I watch auction results on ebay and other auction sites, and collect catalogs fom the few remaining dealers in pulp magazines to maintain prices of my favorite magazines. I have also provided cover scans of the magazines in my collection to show off these wonderful magazines.

I have designed this site for ease of use. If you have any suggestions on how the site can be made better, please send me an email at the following:

email: [email protected]


designing and populating these pages is a massive undertaking. But it is a worthwhile undertaking, as I know of no other source that provides high quality scans with valuation of pulp magazines. But it is more than I can do my self. You can see the task before me, with the unfilled titles to the left. But these titles are intended to be just the beginning. But to fulfill this mission, I need help in any of the following ways:

  1. Scans. I can use high quality scans of any pulp magazine covers not presently in my collection. Please do not send low qiuality scans from from ebay, or other sources on the web. I need scans that are a minimum of 2Mb in jpeg form.
  2. Programming support. If you are able to provide html writrups of magazines similar to what you see to the left, these would be appreciated. Please advise in advance as to which titles you intend to undertake.
  3. Additional info: Interesting additional information to supplement magazine descriptions, or individual issue info, such as that provided for April 1926 Amazing.
  4. Mistakes: Mistakes are inevitable. Please point out any discrepancies in any of our liostings. This includesw pulp valuations if we have made a drastic mistake such as not recognizing that a particular issue is especially sought after for some reason
  5. Financial support: I can hire some of the programming with a little financial support. If you would care to donate even modest amouints it would speed the project along. 


THe words on the magazine pages say that clicking on the thumbnail image will bring up a high resolution image. That is not possible at present. The fees i have to pay my website provider for the bandwidth use are more than I can afford. When donations received allow for higher resolution scans, these will be added.

The images on this site are from my personal collection. While I do have an extensive collection, I do not have everything, nor do I collect everything. Therefore, if you have high quality scans from your personal collection of items I do not have, then email them to me for inclusion in the future. This can be for titles in the current listing, or titles not in the listing. I am especially interested in Detective and horror covers. Please do not send Romance covers, or low quality covers found on ebay or similar sites.

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